The Designer

Hi, I'm Mellyssa. It is a pleasure to meet you. I am a graphic designer and writer living in the state of California and I am the founder of Ai-Konic Graphics.  

Born and raised in the small town of Chester, Pennsylvania, Mellyssa Diggs has always been an artist by nature, but found her niche as a designer during her junior year in high school.  She developed a unique approach to design and art not to just evoke emotion, but to make a reaction and a connection with clients. She wants to make an impact with real people she comes in contact with. She designs for them.

What Clients Say...

"Excellent. You're a very intuitive artist. Look forward to me outsourcing work to you. I've used Fiverr for years, but they're not blacked owned"
-Dealanbert Jenkins
“Thank you for all your help, payment and everything aside. Having your help gave me confidence to keep going forward”
-Chris Newton (Publisher, Indie Game Magazine,


“During her time with Common Ground Management, Ms. Diggs has proven herself to be a hard worker who meets deadlines regularly and follows instructions well. She is also very comfortable with receiving critiques regarding her work and is not afraid of trying creative approaches within the framework of the task. Overall, CGM was very pleased with Ms. Diggs’ production and attitude. Some of her work was used for CMG’s clients' corporate identity packages and is still in use today”.
-Dominique Landry (CoFounder, Common Ground Management, LLC,


“Just wanted to say how proud I am of you and pray that your business will be successful.  I hope that some day soon you will lend your expertise to the national marketing campaign for Swing.”
-Cheryl Kornegay (Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship, Inc)